Redefining the patient-doctor relationship

We are experienced internists who believe that strong relationships are the foundation of providing the best care. Patient care is our priority. We believe that you deserve attentive, comprehensive care based on the latest medical advances.

Experience healthcare the way it should be in an environment where you feel heard, understood, and supported in your healthcare journey. Our Practice goes beyond usual ambulatory health care services. Same-day appointments are available when necessary, and patients are thoroughly evaluated by their internist. Lab tests, EKGs and one-to-two-week cardiac monitors are available in the office. The office books imaging and other tests for patients while the patient is in the office, and visits with specialists as needed.

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We provide personalized healthcare to patients who want to be proactive with their health

Comprehensive Annual Health Assessment

We perform a thorough medical exam including a review of your medical history, risk factors, and current medical problems along with screening and additional tests or specialist evaluation as needed. You will get a comprehensive report of your health and ways to improve it.

Care When You
Need It

Recognizing the value of your time, we offer services designed for efficiency. With around-the-clock availability, on-time appointments, and minimal wait times, be assured that you will receive prompt care when you need it most.

Healthcare Built on Relationships

We are committed to building strong and lasting relationships with our patients. We foster open communication, trust, and a sense of partnership in your health care journey. You will have phone, text, and email access to your doctor to quickly address concerns.

Specialist Access

As part of our comprehensive approach, we provide simplified access to specialists and ongoing collaboration to ensure seamless healthcare. We will facilitate referrals and follow up on appointments with specialists for a streamlined process.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us through our contact form or call our office.


Meet the Team Dedicated to Supporting You

As a concierge practice, we accept a limited number of patients so we can give each one more attention for wellness visits, same-day appointments, and ongoing concerns. We are here when you need us, available by phone, email, or text. And if you need more care, we’re here to coordinate specialists and visit you in the hospital as necessary.

David Schroeder, MD
David Schroeder, MD
Dr. Schroeder, a well-respected internist in the Boston metro-west area, is committed to providing high-quality primary care.
Kristina Stjernfeldt, MD
Kristina Stjernfeldt, MD
Dr. Stjernfeldt is passionate about primary care, and in particular, the opportunity to build long-lasting, strong, and caring relationships.
David Shein, MD
David Shein, MD
Dr. Shein is dedicated to providing comprehensive care. He believes in the value of listening to help understand the factors that affect your health.


Serving the Greater Boston Area for over 10 years

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A Personal Approach to Healthcare

Building warm and trusting relationships with my patients is the foundation upon which I can apply my clinical experience and enjoyment of problem-solving to guide patients to their best health!


By training and inclination, I feel extremely responsible for my patients’ health. My relationship with them is a true covenant.

Dr. Schroeder

I am dedicated to providing comprehensive care to my patients. I strongly believe in the value of listening to my patients and understanding the factors that affect their health

Dr. Shein


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