Join Us

Join Us

Wellesley Personal Care was designed to provide a higher level of service for patients who want health care based on their individual needs.

We accept a limited number of patients into the practice so we can dedicate our time to them. If you become a part of the practice, you will be given a comprehensive annual exam and assessment that identifies ongoing risk factors and conditions that should be monitored. The assessment includes recommendations for you to maintain your optimal health.

As a member, you can will have:

  • Appointments based on your schedule that start on-time.
  • 24-hour access to your doctor 7 days a week through phone, email or text.
  • Advanced, individualized care based on evidence
  • Monitoring of risk factors and conditions
  • Management of care from specialists
  • House calls if needed

This practice could be right for you if you value:

  • Being proactive about your wellness
  • Close monitoring of risk factors or conditions
  • Advanced health care backed by evidence
  • Knowing and feeling comfortable with your health providers
  • Services on your schedule

If you are considering joining, we’d like to meet with you and show you the practice so you can see first-hand what we offer. Request an appointment now.

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